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Monday, December 31, 2007

About Me

A Quick Overview
I am a Distance Learning Development Team Leader in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at De Montfort University, previously i have worked in web and multimedia development and i am interested in helping myself and other teachers to take advantage of web 2.0 technology to find new and effective ways to deliver interactive and collaborative learning.

Other Interests
I have recently successfully completed an MA by independent study: e-learning and education where my focus was on using social software and web conferencing technology to enhance adult distance learning. In my spare time i am interested in keeping moderately fit, mainly through Swimming and Spinning Classes.

1 comment:

james said...

Wow! Looks like you are a good person to get to know if I am ever going to nail e-teaching. As a marketing tutor since the late seventies, all my experience has been in the classroom.I just had my first taste of distance learning by partly devising a course (it was almost completed by my predecessor)and then running it with 13 students at DMU.
It was hell to set up because there were lots of teething problems, some still not resolved.
I have lots of ideas about improvements to be made. Mostly I feel that student engagement is minimal and ways must be found to overcome this.
James Lanham (Business & Law)

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