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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Purpose of a Blog Course Communication Center

Firstly to acknowledge that this is probably not the original purpose that blogging software has been developed. I believe however it can be used for the purposes of a course communication center.

What is the purpose of a blog course communication center

1. The primary function is as a one-way communication message board.
2. Efficient and Direct Notification Service - One post to many blog (course) members direct to their personal email.
3. Central access to course information.
4. Central access to Course Resources.
5. Efficient and Direct Feedback from Students to Staff and vice-versa via comments

It is not proposed that a blog course communication center is to act as messageboard for students? There are other tools better suited to this job.

Two Questions - Is it effective as a means for timely, responsive communication? are there better alternatives? Make that a third question - Is it better than what we've got.

Hang on, Question 3, what you talking about, are you on about a communication strategy. eh Yeah i suppose i am.
Forgive my previous paragraph, but as i am writing this i am wondering have we on the educational side of the fence ever stopped, sat back and started to evaluate our communication strategy or do we just do what, we do, just do what we have always done.

I talked in my previous blog of interaction, collaboration, communication and community building. To be fair i would say that the blog course communication center is primarily about communication, but with an effectively implemented
communication strategy community ties will be strengthened and the sense of community and well being will be strengthened. I think the use of comments on the blog will encourage interaction and involvement in the course, but perhaps the interactive and collaborative elements of adult distance learning will be seen to be more effective in other education strategies.

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