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Friday, September 05, 2008

Connectivism Course: First thoughts

The course is a wonderful opportunity to interact with a passionate group of people who appreciate the potential of a connectivist mindset. So even though at present I don’t have time to fully enjoy this (yeah, yeah, yeah), I am going to have a good go.

Orientating the learner

I am very clear now that in online courses that employ ‘new’ connectivist, web 2.0 participatory techniques it pays to do as much as possible upfront to orientate the learner to what is required and what to expect.

I enjoyed George’s articulate presentation that included a talking head video introduction. This was followed by voiceover slides explaining about what to expect on the course: the hub, the daily and the moodle area as a central place for discussion. Also the initial schedule outlined the weekly schedule overview and how to participate. The approach to the course was explained to orientate the learner to what is required. The participants were reminded to use the tag CCK08 to aggregate useful resources for all those enrolled on the course. George emphasised that you will find your own comfortable way and reassured participants that it might be slightly uncomfortable in the beginning - explained that tools will be provided to help deal with all the information that will becoming your way and gave some ideas on how to start. Delivered in a conversational style, with a personal touch and emphasising support is always at hand, I felt good as a participant on this course.

Initial Introductions - things that stood out

Vance Stevens quote (we read this one Vance:-)) “the idea of distributed learning networks as opposed to communities or groups”

Jeffrey Keeler’s objectives, which made me think that it would be useful to develop some objectives of my own, rather than just considering participating a success. Here are his objectives:

To consider this course a success, I want three things to happen:

1. Learn one new instructional method for teaching and facilitating online

2. Experience one new technology that I can practically implement in my work.

3. Gain some insight that opens me to a new perspective for me to begin a new thread of research and writing

A Thing I have learnt

Recognition of the use and power of Google alerts

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