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Saturday, December 06, 2008

CCK08: Connectivism - How we learn through connectivism?

Having an understanding or an interpretation of how connectivism and other learning theories work has led me to devise a concept map that identifies my initial thoughts on how connectivism works, what connectivist learning is good for and what successful connectivist learning depends on.

The concept map below is my initial stab at this task, but it is a starting point and like with many other topics on the CCK08 course i intend to focus more deeply in the new year, when i will have more time.

I have found playing with the technology and understanding the point behind concept maps as the main learning benefit i wanted to achieve at this time. The concepts relating to Connectivism and other learning theories i will address more deeply at a later date.

How we learn through connectivism? - A Concept Map

If you have not been directed there already here is a useful document on the subject of concept maps: Concept Maps: What the heck is this?

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